Spotlight on the Curriculum

The children will be coming home tonight, Friday 11th April, with the latest version of Spotlight on the Curriculum for next term. To download a copy from the website CLICK HERE.

In addition to this they will also be bringing home their behaviour certificates. We are really proud of the good behaviour the children display around school. Well Done!

Free Maths App

We have just found this free maths APP for the ipad. Having used it we are impressed with how clear and structured it is. We are sure that it would greatly help children develop their maths skills.

Unfortunately be believe that it may only be free for today, therefore will need downloading from the Amazon app store tonight.

Have fun. CLICK HERE 

Teacher vacancy

With the building of the new classrooms we are going to be able to employ an extra teacher next year. This will mean we will have 11 classes instead of 10. We have an advert in the Derbyshire Job sheet at present for our new teacher.

Please feel free to share this link to the Derbyshire job’s web site with any one you know may be interested in applying to work at our good school. Either CLICK HERE for all the details and information for potential applicants or go to

Closing date is Wednesday 30th April.

Building work updates

The building work is going at a good pace. Lots of children have been very excited with the arrival of diggers and dumper trucks yesterday.

You will be able to get daily photograph updates via our twitter account. Follow us @woodvillejunior Four pictures have already been shared for you to see what is happening.


Headteacher blog – Monday 7th April

Sorry no blog was posted on Friday the 4th, it was a very busy day.

On Monday Mr. Simmons attended an ICT conference and was able to find out lots of information about new exciting initiatives that he is looking forward to setting up. Watch this space.

Lots of our year 4 children looked great on Tuesday as they recognised their ‘Water Topic’ work with a special splish, splash, splosh day. Lots of exciting work was carried out and good fun was had by all.

On Wednesday our year 3 children went on their first junior school trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham. Several staff at the Think Tank said how impressed they were with the children’s behaviour. When I was able to speak to the children they all said what a great day it had been and when I spoke to Mr. Lloyd he was able to tell me about how everything they did was going to link into work in the classroom. You’ll be able to see how in the ‘Spotlight on the Curriculum’ that will come home later this week.

It was good to see so many parents attend our spring term parents’ evenings. The next one will be on Thursday 17th July when parents will be invited in to discuss annual reports.

Finally, I am pleased that the letters we were able to give out at the school gate on the morning of April 1st, made so many people smile. The letter about Woodville+1 was not shared on the website as in the true tradition of April 1st we had to make sure that the joke was finished by midday. I look forward to seeing if any other important news needs to be shared on April 1st in future years.