Headteacher weekly Blog – Friday 19th September

On Tuesdays our football team started their season with some games at Greenbank Leisure Centre with Mr. Goodridge. They played three games and I know that they won at least one game. Unfortunately in the excitement of¬†Wednesday morning as the children were getting ready to leave for Lea Green I wasn’t told of the other results. I look forward to finding out on Monday how we did in the other two games that we played.

Our year 6 children have just enjoyed their 3 day residential at Lea Green. I was able to go up and visit them on Thursday evening and help serve at the tuck shop. All of the children were very keen to tell me what they had done that day, with canoeing being the highlight. One table had even saved me a piece of cake from their tea for me to have when I arrived! Unfortunately some of you may be aware that on Thursday night several children and staff became ill and therefore it was decided to bring the children home a little earlier than planned on Friday afternoon to ensure that we gave any bugs a limited chance to spread to other children. Thank you to parents that came and collected children from Lea Green.

Any parents and friends that want to help the school run the successful discos and other such events are welcome to attend a meeting after school on Tuesday 30th September. We have a very generous group of parents that give some time to the school to help our children enjoy such events and raise lots of money for the school at the same time. If you would like to join us you are welcome to come for a cup of tea or coffee on Tuesday 30th September at 3.20pm.



Lea Green update

Message for all year 6 parents and carers of children on the year 6 residential.

Miss Roe has contacted us to say the children have had a fun packed day and are now looking forward to their evening meal and the rest of tonight’s activities.

Lea Green

Message for all year 6 parents and carers of children on the year 6 residential.

The year 6 children have arrived safely at Lea Green and are all enjoying their first activities.