What is on week beginning Monday 29th September.

Tuesday 30th September – Individual  photograph day, and for children with brothers and sisters at the school we hope to have sibling photographs taken as well.

Tuesday 30th. 3.20pm. Straight after school our parents and friends association are meeting. Please feel free to come and join us after school to see how you get involved in helping us at discos and other such events.

Tuesday 30th September – Evening. Governors meetings for all school governors.

Headteacher’s Weekly Blog – Friday 26th September

The builders have finished! – Well nearly. Nearly all of the fences have been taken down and we now have access to all of the school grounds again. Everything looks really nice now all of the builders’ fences have gone. Tomorrow the last few piles of rubble are getting taken away so our school grounds can begin to return to normal. Over the next couple of weeks the landscaping team will be arriving to plant some shrubs and bushes and tidy up some of the overgrown areas that we haven’t been able to get to since March 31st when the builders arrived.

There is just one small job to finish off, that we hope to have completed within a fortnight and then everything will be back to looking spick and span. Even the tables that we ordered in May were delivered today, so Mr. Poynton’s class now looks fantastic as the new shiny tables replace the ones he has had to use on a temporary basis since September.

You may have also noted that we have an advert in the press this week as we need some teachers to start work in January 2015. We need a teacher to cover Mrs. Foster’s work as she leaves us on maternity leave this autumn. Mrs. Matthews will teach full time in class 3 up until Christmas and then the new teacher will start in January. We also need a teacher to do a day a week in Mr. Wilde’s and Miss Roe’s classes as they become Acting Assistant Headteachers in the spring.

Parents’ Association Newsletter

Children will be coming home tonight with the first parents’ association newsletter of the year.

The parents’ association work tirelessly raising funds for the school and are always looking for new parents to join and help them with new ideas and extra pairs of hands.  The next parents’ association meeting will be on Tuesday 30 September 2014 at 3.25 pm. All parents and friends are welcome to attend. Click here to download a copy of the letter and find out how you could help.

Guidance for Parents/Carers When Your Child is Ill

There has been a number of incidences recently of children contracting a bug which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.  We would like to inform you of the Derbyshire County Council’s guidance for parents and carers with regards to this.   They inform us that they would like you to keep your child away from school for 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Whilst we would like to see your child back to school as soon as possible, we also have to look after the health of the other 286 pupils in school.  We would urge you to follow the County Council’s guidance and ensure that your child is fit and well before he/she returns to school.

We thank you for your co-operation in keeping all of our children healthy.